Feline Cat Massage

Cat Massage Case Study

Jenifer Funk Case Studies

Mickey was a female gray house cat who presented with paralyzed hindquarters after being “shaken” by a dog. X-rays had been done but did not reveal any broken vertebrae nor the source of her paralysis. Her owners dropped her off at a local Pet Resort and then did not pick her back up again. I was called in, by the owner of the Resort who was a close friend of mine, asking if Mickey could receive a cat massage. I was happy to oblige!

Mickey had remarkable strength and movement in her front quarters. She was able to easily pull herself across the floor, dragging her hindquarters. She had a very sweet temperament as well – always a bonus when working with any animal! She was somewhat confined to a pee-pad since she didn’t have control of her bladder nor bowels.

The treatment performed included a full body feline relaxation massage, range of motion in her hindquarters, with Mickey offering some resistance when the right hind leg was put into extension, and the discovery of trigger points 2″ cranial to her right posterior superior iliac spine. (I notated as such because I do not specialize in the anatomy of cats in my practice since I generally do not work with them.) Treatment also included compression along the extensors of the spine with particular attention to the right side, all three major erectors seemed congested so were also treated with circular friction, which seemed to release some of the hypertonicity. At the beginning of the massage treatment, there was no movement when the end of Mickey’s tail was touched. At the end of the treatment, when the tip of the tail was touched, there was a slight twitch reaction. This appeared to be a positive outcome.

Mickey purred thought the treatment and appreciated the relaxation cat massage to her front quarters to help with compensation for the hindquarters.

The staff at the Pet Resort were encouraged to work with Micky on the ROM in her hindquarters when she was bathed, which was daily, due to her incontinence. Another full body feline massage and neuromuscular therapy treatment were recommended for the near future.

Jenifer Funk