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Canine Massage Therapy Training – Level 1

  • Cost = $450/Module for Modules 1-3. Module 4 is FREE! Total cost is $1,350 + books HOWEVER, in celebration of the 2018 Chinese New Year being the “Year of the Dog” we are offering a 10% discount on Modules 1-3 so they are NOW $405 each if you register by June 30, 2018, bringing the total cost to $1,215 + books (Includes classes offered after July, 1, 2018 as long as you are registered by June 30, 2018.)
  • 100 (NCBTMB approved for LMTs)
  • Pre-Requisite: Learn to Massage Your Dog or equivalent training

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Completion of 200* hours of Canine Massage Therapy Training allows students to sit for the NBCAAM national exam.

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(A minimum of 4 participants is required and a maximum of 15 participants will be accepted for Module 1)


Canine Massage Therapy – Level 1

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The 100 Hour, Canine Massage Therapy Training Level 1 program is broken down into 4 modules of 25 hours each. The modules must be taken in order and successful completion of each module is a requirement to proceed to the next module. This is the foundational massage therapy training when it comes to learning dog massage.
(A minimum of 4 participants is required and a maximum of 15 participants will be accepted for Module 16)

Module 1
In this 25 hour module, you will learn the Origin of Dogs, Canine Communications, Anatomy and Physiology (including anatomical directions, terminology, skeletal system/bones & joints, muscular system/the muscles of the forelimb), Special Populations/Palliative Care (including death & dying), Massage Benefits (including advanced indications, contraindications, & when to refer to a veterinarian), Palpation Exercises, Advanced Full Body Canine Massage Techniques (including review of basic massage strokes: effleurage, petrissage, skin rolling, compression, kneading, muscle squeezing, friction, vibration, and laying on of hands).

Module 2
In this 25 hour module, you will learn Anatomy & Physiology (including Breeds & Conformation, the muscles of the hindlimb, the Systems of the body and how massage affects those systems), Kinesiology (including how to identify normal gait/movement and gait analysis for abnormal movement), Pathology (including pathologies affecting gait, common issues affecting breeds, common canine diseases and medications), and Integrating Assessment (gait analysis) & Therapeutic Massage Techniques (scar tissue massage/compensatory muscles) into a Full Body Canine Massage.

Module 3
In this 25 hour module, you will learn Anatomy & Physiology (the muscles of the neck, trunk, and tail), Kinesiology (including movements specific to canine athletes), Hydrotherapy Treatments for the Canine (including uses of ice & heat, and when pool hydrotherapy might be indicated), Sports Massage Techniques, Allied Modalities (including aromatherapy/Canine Raindrop Technique, nutrition, Reiki/energy work, Puppy and Prenatal Massage Techniques, Scope of Practice, SOAP Notes and Record Keeping, Practice Management (including ethics, client communications, and marketing).

Module 4
In this 25 hour internship you will be required to submit a binder, with materials provided for you, showing:
  • First Aid/CPR for Small Animals certificate
  • Documentation of Case Studies treating two different dogs with different pathologies for a minimum of 5 treatments per dog
  • Documentation of Canine Massage Therapy treatments on 10 different canines
  • A Lecture Presentation /Demonstration about Canine Massage Therapy to a minimum of 5 attendees
  • Documentation of 15 complimentary canine massages at a Health and Wellness or Dog Show/Competition
  • This internship can be done wherever you live

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*Per the NBCAAM Website: “Massage or acupressure training for humans may count for a maximum of 50 hours of the required 200 hour total. Such human training is required to be topic specific, that is massage or acupressure techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, meridian theory or acupoint energetics, for example. The remaining 150 hours of massage or acupressure training or equivalent must be animal related.”

Required Book Package for Level 1 Canine Massage Training Program:

  • Canine Medical Massage: Techniques and Clinical Applications, Narda G. Robinson
  • The Dog Anatomy Workbook: A Guide to the Canine Body, Andrew Gardiner and Maggie Raynor
  • Balance Your Dog: Canine Massage, C. Sue Furman


  • Guide to the Dissection of the Dog, 7th Edition (preferred), Evans & DeLahunta
  • Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual, 2nd Edition, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT
  • The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs, Patricia McConnell
  • APP for your phone or tablet – Dog Anatomy: Canine 3D by Real Bodywork
  • APP for your phone or tablet – Visual Anatomy – Canine by GraphicVizion