Canine Classes

Learn to Massage Your Dog
  • Learn to Massage Your Dog (LTMYD) Cost: $250 In celebration of the 2018 Chinese New Year, the “Year of the Dog”, a 10% discount is being offered on all Canine Massage Training classes! LTMYD classes are now $225 if you register by June 30, 2018. (Including classes offered after July, 1, 2018 as long as you are registered by June 30, 2018)
  • Hours: 15
  • Pre-Requisite: None

Learn to Massage Your Dog

In this 15 hour course, you will learn: the benefits of dog massage, indications and contra-indications, when to refer to a vet, basic canine anatomy, several different massage strokes and when to use each stroke, a full-body canine relaxation massage routine, 22 bones of the canine skeletal system, 15 muscles, basic canine hydrotherapy, a full canine stretching routine with range of motion which you will integrate into the full-body canine relaxation massage, as well as pre-event and post-event routines for canine athletes.

Trained massage therapy demo dogs are provided for you to massage and practice on in class but if you have a dog that “plays well with others” and can be happily crated, please give us a call so we can determine if it would fit into our “pack” to be included in the class.

For more information, please call us at: 941-356-0587.

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